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How to Clear the PMP® examination?
13 May

How to Clear the PMP® examination?

  • Sunil Meshram
  • 13 May, 2017

Over the last 8 years of my coaching PMP® aspirants, I have been frequently asked this question on ‘How to clear the PMP® examination”. According to PMI, the PMP® credential demonstrates to employers, clients and colleagues that a project manager possesses project management knowledge, experience and skills to bring projects to successful completion.

The PMP® examination tests a candidate’s knowledge, experience and skills and certifies if he is capable to bring projects to successful completion. I say this again and again, that candidates who have prior experience in leading projects with multiple stakeholders have an advantage over others who do not have any prior ‘real’ experience in leading projects. So if you are planning to shift to a career in project management by giving the PMP® examination, a better way may be to manage a Project with multiple stakeholders and gets hands on experience. This will also help answer some of the situational questions asked in the PMP® examination.

When I cleared the PMP® examination, I relied primarily on the PMBOK® , which is referred to in the examination. Any examination is a test of definitions. Be familiar with the glossary at the end of the PMBOK. The PMBOK® has to be read at least 3 times before giving the examination. I write this primarily for the students with ‘average’ or ‘poor’ English language skills, remember the PMP® is also a test of your English language. Upon analysis of why some students failed, though there are exceptions, poor English comprehension is one of the main reasons while students are not able to clear the examination.

Another critical factor in PMP® exam success is role of a ‘Mentor’ and study group. A mentor can be a colleague who recently passed the exam. Studies have shown when students form study groups they are able to motivate, inspire and focus on their goal of clearing the PMP examination.Joining a social group site which focuses on clearing doubts is also useful in the internet age.

Last but not the least, attempt at least 1000 mock questions and study only one reference guide. Any good one will do, referring to too many guides may also be counterproductive. Think positive, calm your nerves and get set to conquer the PMP® exam and scale new heights in your career!

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