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Beating Exam Stress!
27 Jun

Beating Exam Stress!

  • Sunil Meshram
  • 27 Jun, 2017

The word 'Exam' stresses many of us and especially when you're preparing for prestigious PMP® Certification Exam, stress seems inevitable.

If you're one of them who get stressed out when it comes to taking exams then we have a few tips to deal with your stress:

Prepare your plan:


You can create simple time-table to manage your revision work. It will help you to organize your schedule and also will help to focus on the topics which you find difficult. Make sure you don't skip any topic from PMBOK® Guide.


Take breaks:


Your brain needs fresh air to process thoughts and ideas. So, when you feel stressed out don't shy away from taking breaks. You can hit a gym or simply walk around, watch a movie or have some snack to clear your head. Stay away from jumbling your head with knowledge.


Not everyone is the same:


When it comes to studying, we all have different preferences. Some people like revising at the nocturnal hours and some people prefer waking up early. Prepare your time table based on your preferences. Don't try to copy someone else's time table.


Look after your health:


When we are stressed out, we tend to neglect our health which adds more misery to our life. So, it is important to take adequate rest. Eat and drink sensibly, if possible add some exercise routine to your daily life.


Don't stress your brain:


There is lot of information available offline and online, so don’t overload your brain with information. It is better to stick to some routine and refer to some specific notes. Be vigilant while going through online items. Make sure what you are watching or reading is in accordance to the PMBOK® Guide. You can go through short PMP® videos to refresh your knowledge.


Do some group exercise:


Make most out of your learning through group exercises. If you are in touch with some PMP® aspirant, test each other's knowledge.


PMP® is tough but not impossible. Remember to exercise these tips to fight the stress.

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