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PMP® vs CSM®
20 Nov

PMP® vs CSM®

  • Admin
  • 20 Nov, 2018

Interest in PMP® certification is still very much there (PMP® has been around since 1984) while interest in Agile methodologies (CSM®) is presently constant. Being a PMP® and CSM® both , allow me to briefly explain the Key differences between Waterfall (PMP®) and Agile (CSM®) methodologies:

Waterfall methodologies feature distinct feasibility planning, development& testing, and implementation phases while Agile methodologies feature iterative development cycles (Short sprints of 3-4 weeks)

PMP® lays emphasis on comprehensive documentation while Agile emphasis is on bare minimum documentation

Any changes to product design in Waterfall are normally handled by comprehensive change management system while in Agile the items in product backlog are prioritized (by Product Owner)

Product changes may not take place during sprints, but they are accepted at any other time, so products are constructed organically

Agile projects deliver ROI early in project cycle while in waterfall model the ROI is usually realized at end of Project Cycle

High degree of customer involvement is a mandate/necessity in Agile projects which is not binding in traditional approach

Agile leaders follow servant / collaborative leadership models while traditional model focuses on command and control style of leadership

I get a lot of questions from Indian professionals, especially software engineers who are interested in becoming project managers and getting PMP® certified.

PMP® certification is more acceptable if you’re interested in applying for a job as a project manager across any Industry– many companies require PMP® certification of their project managers – while Agile certification is mandatory if you’re working for an iterative software product development project. Agile methodologies will see even more recognition in the future especially from product companies. All the Best for your future endeavors!


Certified Scrum Master (CSM®) – from the Scrum Alliance

Project Management Professional (PMP®) – from Project Management Institute

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